Can I Order Mint Wholesale? The Answers.

--Who is eligible to apply to open a Mint® wholesale account?

1. A retail storefront, and/or
2. An established online business with a functioning shopping cart (this does not mean a Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, or Etsy page--a functioning independent website, populated with product to sell, with a shopping cart is required)

Who is NOT able to open a wholesale account at this time?

1. Anyone without a brick & mortar store in a commercial business space and/or an independent website with a shopping cart (a facebook, instagram, etsy or free website without a shopping cart does not qualify as an independent B2C website). 

2. Anyone who breaks the rules by opening an account and selling our items at below a keystone markup, sells Mint knockoffs on their website, or takes orders off of photos without holding the inventory to sell. See below for more of an explanation if needed. (

 --I just read the above. I qualify! So, how do I open my wholesale account?

It's so easy. All you have to do is:

1. register online right here on our website, filling in all of the info you possibly can. Applications marked 'website' without a website listed that links to a live, populated website with a shopping cart won't be approved, and storefronts without information about lines they carry and a business address won't be approved. We do research.

2. scan & email me a copy of your state tax resale certificate & be sure to tell us 3 other lines you CURRENTLY carry in your store--it's not for terms, it's for qualification as a legit wholesaler. (

3. then patiently wait about 2-3 business days until we can do some thorough checking & then we'll send you an approval email. Or a denial. If you do NOT hear anything back for awhile, shoot us an email. Your application may be marked 'incomplete' or if you've registered more than once with the same email address, it does not show up as a new registration on our side of things.

The faster you scan or fax your info and get registered, the faster you can have a box of Mint stuff being carried into your store by that cute UPS guy. You know who I'm talking about.

 --What Markets do you attend? Where can I see your product in person?

We never miss the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market®Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market®. Those are our big shows each year--Atlanta is the best market in the country for gift! We've got a great big Mint showroom in Atlanta stocked full of everything--and we bring out the newest items there first! Most importantly, we have wine in the fridge in the back room. We've also been known to hit other towns like Dallas, Las Vegas (MagicKids), San Francisco, Boston Gift Show, Chicago Gift Show. If you think we'd be a good fit anywhere else, let us know!

--Wait! Didn't Mint have a showroom in Dallas?

Why, yes we did! We have been all over DMC for over a decade. We were born in temps, moved up to the Kidsworld showroom, and most recently had our own showroom for three years. As Atlanta Market kept growing and growing over the years, we noticed we were seeing more buyers from all over (including our Dallas buyers) in Atlanta--so we're going to focus on growing the Atlanta showroom! Our last show in the Mint showroom at DMC was January 2015.

--Do you ever sell or share my personal information to anyone else?

NO! Never, ever, ever. We hate that as much as you do, and plus, that's super creepy. No Viagra or fake Rolex ad is ever going to be in your Inbox because of your relationship with us.

--Are you ever going to have a retail website for those of us who don't have a store & can't find a Mint® retailer nearby?

Please see Find Mint Near You" to find us on our favorite customers' online stores. We're way behind in updating that list, so I apologize in advance. It's on my list! Email me with your zip code and I'll find you a store near you. We do plan on adding the retail side of things soon, but we'll always try to help you buy locally whenever we can!

--What should I tell customers about care instructions for their Mint® stuff?

Just throw it away if it gets dirty, and buy brand new Mint items. Kidding...but I do think that may be a good business plan. Here's the real info:

Anything with plastic lining (The Hang Around and Mini Hang Around) --please tell your customers to only wipe the bag with a damp cloth or a Clorox Clean-up spritz. Do not wash in a washing machine and definitely keep out of the dryer. Leave open and let dry on the counter.

Nap rolls may be washed in cold water with the pillow insert removed. Lay flat to dry. Be sure to shake off any children before washing.

Nylon bags & stuff: I have washed Jack's backpacks and duffels many times in cold water and they've fared just fine. Air dry.

--Do Mint® products have a warranty?

Yes! All Mint® items have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. This includes, but is not limited to, broken zippers, torn straps and handles, etc. Normal wear and tear is to be expected, and does not fall within our warranty... If your customer runs over their kid's backpack with a truck, causing it to split in half, that would fall under misuse and require a new bag to be purchased. It is our policy to repair faulty items. We will send you a UPS return label to send the bag in for repair and ship the item back at no charge. Should an item be beyond repair we will send a new bag as a replacement. We are not responsible for any personalization that might have been on the original bag.

--Are Mint® products in compliance with product safety standards?

Yes! All Mint® products undergo rigorous CPSIA testing by a CPSC-accredited, independent third party lab. Mint® products meet all US health & safety regulations. There are no "forever chemicals' on coated fabrics, and no BPA on silicone zipper pulls. CPSIA product certificates are available by request by emailing jordan@ohmint.

 --From where do you ship?

Your order is shipped from our family ranchita in Boerne, Texas. We're considered 'Central Texas' on the UPS zoning chart, if you're trying to guess how long your order will be on the road. Check your box for scorpions and sunburn. A tracking number will be emailed to you when your order ships--you can also log in to your account and check the status of your orders. **All applicable import duty/tax payments are the customer/receiver's responsibility. Mint® is not responsible for any delays in delivery including those due to unpaid duties taxes.

--When is your busy season? When might it take longer to ship?

Now that we've been around for so long, we've been able to get a better handle on shipping and inventory as we've grown. You should still plan to order about three weeks before your own busy seasons just to be sure you're well stocked beforehand. Shipping takes a bit longer than the usual 2-3 days around Back-to-School, Christmas and Graduation. During our Market seasons (January, February, and then May, June, July, August), we may take up to five days to get your online/market orders out the door due to order volume. We'll post notices on our Facebook page to let you know when we're at Market, but we always have a great staff of people here to help if you have an emergency. And that's why this website is so great--your order will go out whether we're here or away now. Well, probably. j/k. Please note that our offices are closed on alternating Friday's. Orders placed during this time will ship on Monday.

--When do you come out with new Mint® stuff?

Every Market-June/July, and January/February. We'll post new items on the website after we get back from Market, just to give our Market visitors the first peek.

--Is it a good idea to let my customers order out of your catalog/from samples?

We really don't encourage it, and we'll tell you why: We haven't printed a catalog since 2010. You're going to give me shingles if you call me looking for things that you've pre-sold that haven't been in stock for two years and your customers are mad and you're mad at me. 

And anyway, if you let your customers have four hundred choices, it's just too overwhelming and they'll never be able to make up their mind. And what if they pick something we're temporarily out of, or worse yet--we might have discontinued. Then they're mad at you, you're mad at us, and everyone feels terrible. It seems that we've watched the most success with picking a few colors and styles to start with, carrying a small inventory of those items, and then work from there. We offer a very low minimum order requirement to help you get started.

Special Note: Anyone caught posting Mint line sheets on Facebook for pre-sales/buy-ins will be blocked immediately. We reserve the right to refuse to do business with anyone not playing by the rules, and not adhering to our terms and conditions.

--WELL THEN CHRISTI, how would you prefer I place my order?


--Can I add to my order once I submit it?

 Sorry...we just can't alter orders once they've been confirmed. Once it's submitted, it's already in process. That's why you have 2 chances to change your order/confirm. We can't even see your credit card info to re-charge it for additions, for security reasons.

--Can I sell your items on Facebook buy-ins, Instagram, private pages, eBay or etsy, or in flea markets?

NO. No nonononono. Your account will be deactivated if I see my stuff sold like that. When I approved you, I approved you thinking you were going to sell in a retail store, your website, or something along those lines. Flea markets, buy-in groups, etc will not be tolerated. That's unfair to my current customer base and my retail stores & websites who are working hard to make Mint special. We're cracking down, Sisters.

--Can I return or exchange items? What's your return policy?

You can return items that are damaged, but with only the RMA number we will provide. Email us at if you have a damaged item.

--Why is my website not featured as a mint® Online Retailer?

Because you don't mention our product by name (Mint®--NOT OHMINT!) or because we aren't aware of your fabulousness because we don't look at the internet all day long (lies, lies...,, Let us know! We want you to be in our club. If you would like Mint to provide a link to your own retail website, well:

 1. Our products have to be named as ‘Mint®' or "Mint(Sweet Little Things)". For example, the description that accompanies a picture of the #204 Pink Seersucker should say "Pink Seersucker Mini-Backpack by Mint" or include the Mint logo...or have all of your Mint items on one page listed as 'Mint'...or you could simply say, "MY VERY BEST SELLING ITEM EVER." That would be really great. ;)

 2. The products have to be available for purchase on your website, and you must carry some inventory of those products.

 3. You must be a current customer, carry inventory and without any payment issues.

If you still have questions, concerns, or requests, please don't hesitate to contact us! Email us at

Whew! That was a lot of information, wasn't it! Thanks for reading. Hello, hello?  XO, Christi