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Please complete the form to sign up for a wholesaler account.

Please tell us where our products will be sold...Check All That Apply

Just let us know 3 other wholesale lines you carry—this isn't for credit purposes.

I AGREE TO NOT SELL MINT ON ETSY OR IN PRIVATE FORUMS. You must check the Etsy Agreement & Wholesale Terms before we will accept your application.

Request a Wholesale Account with Mint!

Wait! If you're not a wholesale vendor and you're looking for a way to buy personalized Mint products, please click here to find one of our retail partners. For wholesale applicants, please read on below.

Wholesale account registration is subject to a short approval process.

Applications will be researched by storefront address and/or the website domain name you provide. We do NOT sell wholesale items to anyone who advertises Mint knockoffs, and will block your account if we are notified that you are selling Mint imitation items. We do not sell to blank resellers.

Your wholesale application must indicate that you will sell Mint in at least one of these 2 ways: 

  1. Brick & Mortar Retail Storefront of your own *OR*

  2. Independent Retail B2C Website with its own shopping cart, populated with products for retail sale.

Please refer to the Wholesale Terms & Conditions for more detailed's not quite as long as the T&C on your iTunes upgrade, I promise. But the most important part of T&C is this:

  • Mint cannot be sold on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, in private Facebook or Instagram buy-in groups, or re-sold blank (without personalization), or in a pre-sale (taking orders off of a stock photo without holding any inventory to sell), sold as your own brand, or 

  • We do not sell to anyone currently selling Mint knockoffs.

  • Please read the entire Terms & Conditions page before filling out this application.

If you have not received an email from Mint® within five (5) business days please don't hesitate to email us at and if this is your second time filling out the application, let us know via email bc it will not show up on our 'new applicants' dashboard. :)