Over the years, Mint has been able to fill a need when we find one. Here's a small sampling of large & small groups with whom we've been lucky enough to participate through donations or other work:

Hurricane Ike presented another opportunity for us to help. Jimmy, Jack and I were able to visit the evacuees in San Antonio when we took over 4,000 bags from FCB & Mint to the Red Cross headquarters at Kelly USA (formerly Kelly AFB). You should've seen the kids smile when they got to pick out a bright, cheery backpack. For some kids, it was the only thing they could call their own for a little while. :(

Hurricane Katrina brought thousands of New Orleans survivors to San Antonio in 2005. We donated over $20,000 in Mint™ products for all of the kids, like backpacks and duffels. These kids had only the clothes on their backs when they arrived at KellyUSA. Our parent company, Flying Circle, donated over $200,000 in bags. It was an amazing operation; something we will never forget and of which we feel lucky to have been a part. Jimmy, Jack, and I were there to visit with some of the evacuees and help pass out donations. 

Also in 2005, Mint™ donated several hundred bags to African Childrens' Ministry out of Boerne, Texas. The church filled the bags with collected necessities like socks & first aid kits, and flew them over to Sudan to distribute.

Each year, we help with Child Legacy International, which is an amazing group based right here in Boerne, TX. We've had the privilege to provide the staging area in our warehouse for their many containers that ship over several times a year. If you haven't heard about CLI, once you read about their story and accomplishments you really will be in awe by the lives this group has changed. 

Every year, Mint and Flying Circle Bags donate to Rotary International. Both Jimmy and Christi have earned a Paul Harris Fellow award and continue to work with the Boerne Rotary Christmas for Kids. 

Of course, we like to help out at the Boerne Chamber of Commerce. Boerne is such a great place--we're so lucky to be here. Go to www.boerne.org if you're coming to the Hill Country.

For the last few years, we've walked & supported the Komen Walk for the Cure. But a few years ago, it took on a whole new meaning for all of us. Someday, we will write about it and you will be most inspired by the story of our founder, Joy. My Mother in Law. :) Amazing. 

The Yellowstone Academy in Houston, Texas is another great place we've been able to work with, along with local fundraisers and supporters of the Boerne Education Foundation and Hill Country Montessori School.

A Soldier's Christmas. A really awesome program for local families who are currently active-duty during the holidays--the kids love the Mint stuff! Yay! 

Point is--if you know of a great place that needs some stuff for some really special people or kids, please always let us know. Or, if you'd love to collaborate and help with us, contact me. We love to help. Contact christi@ohmint.com.