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Mint Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Hey, there! Mint is pretty easy to work with, but there are a few terms and conditions we take seriously. Grab a glass of your favorite sparkly and let's have a read:

  1. Minimums Your first order needs to reach $250. You can order anything you want to make it up to the $250 opening order, but keep in mind there is a very small per piece minimum-2 per style per color on our stuff. Told you we were easy to work with! 50$ on the reorder is all we ask.

  2. Submitting Orders: All orders are placed on this website or in our Atlanta showroom during major markets. Of course, if you ever have any questions, concerns about orders, or just want to chat, email us and we'll get back to you. Also, the rare coupon codes we're able to offer (we don't have a retail site to offset those expenses--we don't compete with our customer) only apply to online orders during the specified sale/offer dates. Payment: We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover and American Express for payment. We do not offer terms or ship COD. We can also barter for nice jewelry or vacations.

  3. Adding to your orders: In an effort to get all of our customers' orders out the door in darn-near Amazon Prime fashion, we cannot manually add items to your online order once it is submitted. Reorders are only $50. If you absolutely must have something added or removed, email us right away and we will remove your order from the line for the day to allow for changes to be made, but that will delay your processing time.

  4. Backordered Items: When you order online, you should never have a backordered item. We try our best to keep the website updated on a daily basis to make sure you can't order anything out of stock. However, if our inventory count is off (gasp!) and we have to backorder, items not in stock at the time of shipping will always be backordered and shipped later without a shipping charge.  No orders less than $40 will be shipped and back orders left floating for more than 2 weeks will be automatically deleted and refunded without notification. 

  5. Turn-Around Time: Orders are shipped on a first-come first-serve basis. Under normal circumstances, online orders will typically ship out 1-2 business days from the day you order. Keep in mind our office/warehouses are closed every other Friday because we have an amazing work schedule. Graduation, back to school, Atlanta Market dates, Flu A, Flu B, Covid, mid-life crisis, and most holidays are not normal circumstances. Let's all be friends and allow 2-3 business days for shipping time during those busy seasons. We please ask that you try not to sell stuff you don't have in inventory to avoid the anger chain.

  6. Rush Charge: Did you accidentally monogram "Jack" on a Hot Pink Zebra lunchbox? Darn. We totally understand those kinds of boo-boos. If you must have something go out TODAY, email us by noon CST to let us know that your online order must go out immediately, and in-stock items can ship same day for a $10 rush fee. We will do our best to help!

  7.  Let's Promise to Avoid the Anger Chain: In an effort to keep you, us, and your customers from seeing lightning bolts, we ask that you please do not sell items you don't have in your inventory, don't promise items you don't have in stock by a certain date, take pre-orders from our product photos, or assume we have enough of something to fill a giant order before checking in with us via email. We keep our minimum very low to allow for quick small restocks. We don't like disappointing you or your customers. We do try to update the website with dates for restocks, but we cannot guarantee those dates will be exact, that our product makes it without damages or our container doesn't fall into the ocean, or that we all have the flu when it arrives and no one can pack the order for a few extra days. :)

  8. Damaged Items: Should a customer return any Mint® item to you that is damaged or broken due to material failure or workmanship issues within a year of purchase, email us right away. We are happy to try to repair it and if we are not able to get it fixed we will replace it! But you must have an RA number in order to send it back, which we will happily give you. We will not send replacements or issue credits for damaged items that we have not seen. We are not responsible for replacing any embroidery or decoration added to the item. Also, please note that the only time we accept returns is when an item is damaged or defective due to workmanship, not abuse, neglect or misuse. Reporting shortages /incorrect items: Please let us know immediately, within 48 hours of receiving your order. No phone tag. Email us for fastest response. Contact jordan@ohmint.com.

  9. Defective Items: Please inspect all the items in each shipment carefully for defects in stitching and assembly. We are happy to issue replacements when the defects are reported to us within 2 weeks of you receiving your shipment. We will not receive in items from 6 months ago, a year ago, etc that you forgot to check.

  10. Returns: You just shouldn't send a single thing to us, whether it be a care package of Girl Scout cookies, Christmas gifts, or a damaged bag without an RA number. We're not being mean, we're just trying to help you have a more efficient experience. When something arrives here, it could go to a number of places. It may take weeks to find our desks-and if it looks like it's food or presents, we may never ever see it. We will not accept items that are not in original packaging or without original, unmarked Mint® hangtags. Please treat your return just like a return in your own store. If you are exchanging or returning any item, shipping will not be refunded. Returns will not be accepted after two weeks from your order date. Please EMAIL us for any return requests to avoid the endless phone tag loop.

  11. Zip Code/Territory Policy: To ensure your B&M storefront is able to provide unique products, we determine exclusivity based on your zip code, along with lots of other criteria--not just based on zip code. Retail websites have no "territory" and cannot be protected. Accounts that are considered inactive for a period of 3 months will lose their status as a preferred Mint® retailer. Accidents DO happen, and we ask for your patience in that instance. Also, friendly goes a long way, baby. Bullying us on the phone or via email will not work in your favor, as it almost always turns out the "other" store is much more pleasant to work with. Like, always. ;)

  12. Resale of Mint® Items: If you are a wholesale customer, we expect that our items are sold ONLY BY or IN YOUR APPROVED LOCATION at a reasonable retail markup & in a retail environment. This means 100% markup (Keystone) of our wholesale price PLUS a charge for personalization. If we find that anyone is reselling our items at wholesale or near wholesale prices, buying for other non-approved resellers, taking part in Facebook 'buy ins' or private/VIP groups, taking Pre-Orders on social media (not carrying inventory, just selling off of a photo), selling on Amazon,eBay, or Etsy, we reserve the right to refuse future business with you. Product collaborations or giveaways must be pre-approved; collaborations must be pre-approved and waiver must be signed by both parties (you+Mint). Mint reserves the right to approve or deny outside businesses or social media influencer-types as a third party. It's just not fair to our retail storefronts and retail websites who are busting butts to pay for overhead, maintenance, labor, tons of inventory, taxes, etc. if everyone doesn't play fair.

  13. Selling Mint® Knockoffs: To maintain the integrity of the brand I've grown for the past 20 years, we will not sell Mint products to any wholesale account who also sells Mint knockoffs. Mint offers a lifetime guarantee on our products because we own our manufacturing facility, which ensures the safety and quality of our items. I will not have my hard work diminished by cheap crap. I'm flattered my designs were cute enough to be copied, but I don't want my work associated with buy-in junk. Thank you. :)

  14. Mind-Changing Clause: If we ever decide to change our minds about any of the terms in this document, update pricing or minimums, or discontinue certain styles and colors, we may do so at any time, and you can't be mad at us. We also reserve the right to discontinue or cancel your wholesale account if these terms & conditions are not met. 

  15. INACTIVITY PERIOD (UPDATED): We do enforce the rule regarding account activity. We will happily guard your territory (retail storefronts only) by keeping your account status open if you order consistently. This doesn't mean we expect you to order five thousand dollars every month, but please give us little signs that you are obviously stocking our inventory and reordering fill-ins (again, minimum order is $50) regularly so we know you're interested. If we haven't heard from you in 3 months or so, we'll assume you've broken up with us and your account status will be changed to 'on hold' or 'inactive' until you meet the minimum opening order ($250) again. You also may not be approved as a new customer if another store has opened an account in your territory. New accounts that do not place their minimum opening order within 30 days of approval will be considered inactive in order to open up the territory once again.

  16. Sale Items: All sale items/Last Chance page items are final sales. No returns or exchanges allowed. You may assume that items listed on those pages are being phased out. If you're interested in buying those items in bulk (30+ of the same SKU), email me and let's make a deal in most cases.

  17. Re-Routing & Shipping Issues on Online Orders: Please join UPS My Choice for Business (it only takes one registration for every UPS shipment from every vendor) so that you're able to re-route, track your order in real time, send love notes to your UPS driver, and more. We are not responsible for missing or late packages once they leave our door--this app will give you the control and power to keep track of the shipments and request reimbursements or refunds for missing or late shipments. **All applicable import duty/tax payments are the customer/receiver's responsibility. Mint® is not responsible for any delays in delivery including those due to unpaid duties taxes.

  18. Etsy or Facebook Pre-Selling, Buy-Ins, or Flash sales. Etsy is for handmade and vintage items. I love Etsy--but our products do not fit the criteria as handmade, not mass produced, or vintage.  If you agreed to these terms & conditions & someone turns you in for selling Mint on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram (without a website or storefront; promoting on Insta and FB is fine!), etc. (BECAUSE THEY WILL, SISTER), you're blocked. Without even a phone call. We don't have the manpower up here to police it. We'll just block you. Just like that. And please don't sell inventory you don't have, and don't know if I have. 

  19. Special Processing: Wholesale orders for catalogs, major stores, etc. requiring special processing, packaging, tagging, or use of special software requires a minimum of 500 pieces per SKU. In addition, Mint does not accept chargebacks or terms on these orders unless previously agreed upon.

  20. Respect of Intellectual Property: I cannot believe I have to type this, but anyone representing my Mint brand & accessories as a private-label type sale, as their own designs by refusing to tag or give credit online, cutting/removing tags/labels, or photoshopping Mint logos off of of photos of my designs will be blocked from future access to the website. I mean, come on people. We're a team! You add the beautiful threads--we support each other.

  21. A breach or violation of any of the Terms outlined above will result in an immediate termination of your Services or our business relationship.

Christi Chittim, Mint Founder, Product Designer, Marketing Unexpert, Mother of Jack, Exhausted

Contact us at jordan@ohmint.com